Chauffeuring Jobs with Virignia Limousine

Join our Team of Professionals!

Title: Chauffeur

Employment status: Part Time W2

Hours: At Virginia Limousine, we’re a 24 hour operation. Hours are based on a per trip basis which will include early mornings, mid day and late night shifts.

Pay: Hourly $18 to $34. Pay is partly commission or gratuity based so pay will vary by trip and vehicle type. Additional pay on early morning or late night pickups. This is not including cash tips which you may receive.

Industry Experience: None required; 2 years preferred.

Current Garaging Location: Petersburg.


  • No expense on your part whereas ride shares require the driver to provide their own vehicle and absorb fuel, insurance, maintenance and vehicle replacement costs. We provide the vehicle, you provide the service!
  • We pride ourselves in having impeccably maintained vehicles so you will have little worry about being broken down on the side of the road.

What are you responsible for:

  • Smart phone that’s compatable with our driver’s app and has GPS. We provide the driver with the trip details but it’s the driver’s responsibility to map out their route.
  • Reliable transportation. We provide the vehicle to use for the job but the driver must have reliable transportation in order to get to/from our garaging location.


Job Description:

Virginia Limousine is a high end limousine and transportation provider who is seeking individuals in the Richmond Metro and Tri-Cities area who are interested in joining our team of professional chauffeurs. We provide a variety of transportation services including airport transfers, weddings, winery & brewery tours, proms, holiday light tours and more. Our Chauffeurs are expected to transport our passengers using our vehicles in a safe and professional manner. Chauffeurs are required to have a professional demeanor, clean suit and safe driving ability. Chauffeurs must be able to withstand several hours of driving at a time and long days on occasion. 50% of the job will be sitting and waiting on clients while they’re in meetings, at dinner, etc. Chauffeurs are expected to refuel vehicles using company provided fuel cards as needed or at the end your shift. Chauffeurs are also required to clean vehicle interiors using company provided products in between jobs or at the end of your shift.


  • Friendly, professional attitude
  • Must be dependable with a consistent schedule
  • Must be a defensive driver who can safely and smoothly manuver small and large vehicles.
  • Must have the ability to make sound judgement regarding when and where a vehicle can and cannot be taken. We never take vehicles off of hard surface (pavement or gravel).
  • Smart phone with GPS ability
  • Black suite, white shirt and tie
  • Valid Virginia Driver’s License with between +3 and +5 points
  • Minimum of 25 Years Old
  • No pending criminal charges or felony convictions in the last 7 years.
  • Speak clear English
  • Must live within 1 hour of Petersburg, VA

Drivers are required to calculate GPS time from lot to pickup to ensure a vehicle arrival 15 minutes prior to the client’s scheduled pickup time. Drivers are responsible for fueling company vehicles using company fuel cards and cleaning the interior of the vehicle after each reservation using company provided supplies. We never require a driver to front any company expenses during any trip.

Training Proceedures:

Whether you have previous chauffeuring experience (preferred) or not, we have several paid training exercises to familiarize you with the various vehicles you’ll be driving and get you acquainted with our high level of service.

Application for Driver Position
Must include street name, city/county, state and zip code.
We can only employ individuals with a Virginia Driver's License.
We have vehicles that do not require a CDL license so if you answer "no", you're still a valid candidate.
Please enter a number.
Our insurance company will only accept drivers that are at least 25 years old.
Drivers are required to work a minimum of 2 Saturdays per month, all Saturdays during April and May and all weekends (Fri, Sat and Sun) in December (excluding Christmas Eve and Christmas Day).
Our schedule has to match what is needed to accommodate the client, therefor we have pickups scheduled for anytime, day or night. Most early morning pickups will be airport transfers. The majority of our work is during the day and into the evening.
Check all that you have experience with.
Our drug screening includes testing for Marijuana.
We're going you require that you furnish a copy of your MVR that's less than 30 days old upon hiring. This will be required for your consideration as well.
We require drivers to be on time to every job and having your own dependable mode of transportation is required.