Your Chauffeur

Here are a few things you can expect from your chauffeur when riding with Virginia Limousine.

At Virginia Limousine, we want every client and their guests to have complete trust and confidence in us. That applies to corporate clients, affiliates, repeat and one time retail customers alike. Without a doubt that starts with your chauffeur. For that reason, we set out to find the best chauffeurs in Virginia.

Your Chauffeur had to do some work to get in that driver’s seat.

That guy (or gal) behind the wheel has passed criminal background checks on state and federal levels. When hired, they had to submits to a random but regular drug and alcohol screening. Anyone on our team is someone you can trust.

He or she has a minimum of two years driving experience. That driving experience might’ve come from another sector of the transportation industry; but in most cases your chauffeur is a veteran to the high class passenger transport sector. Our larger vehicles require CDL licenses of course. The majority of CDL drivers spend some time and several thousand dollars in driving school to obtain their commercial license.

Your chauffeur will be wearing business professional attire such as a white button shirt, black dress pants and a neck tie. It doesn’t matter why type of trip he or she is assigned to, your driver will always look professional. After all, that’s our image.

It’s not hard to find a news article covering a bad experience riders have had during or after their trip with a rideshare company. That’s why we chose to give you a glimpse of what to expect from your chauffeur when booking a ride with us. Honestly, there’s no comparison between the service you receive from rideshare companies and your properly vetted professional chauffeured transportation company.